The 2012 Classical Reception Studies Network e-seminar was devoted to the discussion of academic resources and tools for Classical Reception Studies. It ran from the 28th May – 8th June 2012.

Classical Reception Studies (CRS) is the study of how Greek and Roman texts, material culture and ideas have been interpreted, used and reworked by later cultures and societies.  CRS is an extremely broad and interdisciplinary field, and scholars and students of reception often find themselves working within unfamiliar areas. One of the central aims of this online seminar was to help students and researchers to overcome the challenges of working on Classical Reception topics, by providing them with a few basic tools and texts from other disciplines. In order to achieve this, we asked a series of experts from various disciplines to fill in a questionnaire about scholarly resources in their own field, including key books, journals,  conferences and online resources.

You can still read the questionnaires and archived responses from seminar participants on this website. However, our longer-term plan is to integrate the questionnaires into a larger, permanent web resource accessible via the Classical Reception Studies Network website. WATCH THIS SPACE!

In the meantime, more information about the Classical Reception Studies Network can be found on the CRSN website. An archive of other CRSN e-seminars from previous years can be found by following this link.

Jessica Hughes and Alastair Blanshard (CRSN e-communications strand leaders)

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  1. Rosanna Lauriola says:

    It is a wonderful tool, the one that above all the ‘beginners’ really needed.
    Needless to say that likewise wonderful the idea behind creating this tool.

    Thanks a lot for doing this.

    With appreciation,

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